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CalMU Courses

Course Units


WS1001 - 011 Basic Workshop Technology

This course teaches the principles and practices of engineering measurements, use of hand tools and metal cutting and threading tools, working with sheet metals and electrical conduit and ducting works, necessary wood working skills and application of those skills in electrical work situations.

EE1001 - 011 Basics of Electrical Technology

The course contains electrical technology and magnetism theories, Ohm's and Kirchhoff's law, AC and DC circuits, resistance, inductance, capacitance, single and three phase circuits, energy and power measurement and power factor. It builds foundation knowledge for analysis and objective thinking on electrical equipment and systems.

EE1002 - 011 Electrical Maintenance

The topics covered in this course focus on understanding the maintenance philosophy and methodologies that must be followed in undertaking electrical maintenance work. Use of electrical testing gadgets in faultfinding is a major learning component in this course.

EE1003 - 011 Home Appliances

The majority of home appliances for living are electrically operated. Students are familiarized with common home equipment, their functions, upkeep, and maintenance and repair procedures for those appliances.

EE1004 - 011 Measuring Instrumentation

Measurement is the key to evaluate efficient use and distribution of electricity. In this course students are familiarized with various kinds of electrical measuring equipment and their applications in real life situations.

EE1005 - 011 Wiring Practice

This course is to teach students about electrical wiring and distribution systems. House wiring, lighting and safety systems are part of this very engaging course that details electrical distribution and layout designs.

EE1006 - 011 Batteries

This course develops an understanding of the electrical cell theories involving batteries, their practical applications and upkeep maintenance. IT 1001 - 011 Basics of Computers

This course explains the hardware within a computer and how it is made to work through its operating systems and application software. It also provides essential knowledge of Internet technologies and discusses the advances occurring in the field of computing. Any worker desiring to be part of this industry must take this as a foundation course.

EC 1001 - 011 Digital Systems

This course provides an understanding of Boolean algebra and Logic Gates to build the necessary foundation in electronics engineering applicable to Information technology and computers in general. Students are provided an overview and understanding of how a computer system functions and its architecture.

IT 1002 - 011 Network Protocol

The method by which data is sent from one computer to another through the Internet is called Internet Protocol. The two main protocols are transmission control protocol and internet protocol. IP is connectionless, whereas TCP is connection oriented. This course will enable students to facilitate IT-based communication by understanding how data is sent and received as packets of electronic information.

IT 1003 - 011 Network Security Concepts

Security and privacy are paramount in open and web-based communication. This course is vitally important in understanding how information systems work and how to establish network security for individuals as well as the organization.

IT 1004 - 011 Network Devices

In this course various network language and terminologies are provided along with an overview of the networking equipment that is essential in maintaining data communication, retrieval and maintenance. This course provides important building blocks for the network professional.

IT 1005 - 011 Web Servers

Servers are what datacenters maintain and are akin to custodians or goalkeepers of an efficiently run network. Server maintenance is key to ensuring uninterrupted IT service. Any professional engaged in IT and networking must have clear knowledge and expertise in maintaining a server train and associated software configuration.

EC 1002 - 011 Microprocessors

Microprocessors and micro-controllers are the major components of a computer. These can be programmed to store, analyze, delete, assemble and integrate data without errors and make computing what it is today. Knowledge of microprocessor technology is essential for students to understand how a computer works.

IT 1001 - 011 Basics of Computers

Learn the hardware makeup within a computer and how it is made to work by understanding a computer's operating systems and application software. This course also addresses Internet technologies and advances occurring in the field of computing.

IT 1006 - 011 MS Word

Businesses use word processing as a basic communication tool. MS Word is the most commonly used software in the workplace. Students are taken through all phpects of word processing, file management, and communication using Word files.

IT 1007 - 011 MS Excel

Microsoft Excel is a common spreadsheet application program that is versatile in dealing with numbers and accounting information. This course allows the student to become conversant with all the Excel features to create necessary spreadsheets for office work.

IT 1008 - 011 MS PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular presentation software in the workplace to prepare attractive presentation slides. This course provides a basic overview along with the advanced features of scripting, animation and graphics.

IT 1009 - 011 Desktop Publishing

Learn the skills involved in basic desktop publishing to create quality in-house bulletins or newsletters using desktop publishing software.

HS 1003 - 011 Fundamentals of Nursing

This is a foundation course defining the nurse's roles and responsibilities and gives an overview of basic nursing procedures, hygiene, nursing process, communication skills, critical patient care and ethical decision making issues that are fundamentals to nursing training. This course also provides knowledge on the attitude, skills and professional values necessary for a nursing career.

HS 1004 - 011 Basic Clinical Pathology

This course includes diagnosis of diseases based on analysis of body fluids such as blood and urine and covers the process of collection of body fluid samples and diagnosis of disease by using the tools of microbiology and hematology through clinical tests. Understanding the process involved in clinical pathology provides students with an insight in the identification of disease through lab tests.

HS 1005 - 011 Applied Physiology

Applied physiology is the study of the body's internal organs. This course covers blood, body fluids, all systems including respiratory, circulation, digestive, nervous, renal, skin and reproductive and sense organs.

HS 1006 - 011 General Pathology

This course covers the study of disease processes of the whole body with the aim of understanding their nature and causes. The investigation and understanding of the modifications in cellular function and changes in cellular structure produced in any cell, organ, or part of the body by disease forms the essential part of this course.

HS1007 - 011 Microbiology

This course involves the study of living organisms of microscopic size that includes fungi, algae, bacteria and viruses. The course includes the study of sterilization methods, infection and their interactions with immune systems. It also deals with bacterial pathogens, fungal and viral diseases and their impact on human health.