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Hybrid MBA Student Testimonial


CMU Spotlight

CMU sat down with Michelle and Michael Hager, pictured here with their son. Michelle and
Michael are both Hybrid MBA students at CMU. In this interview they share about why they are
"extremely happy" they decided to enroll as a married couple at CMU.

CMU: Are you happy you choose to pursue your MBA at Calmu? Why?

Michelle & Michael: We are extremely happy that we decided to pursue our MBAs at CMU. CMU has provided a peace of mind that if the Marine Corps decided to relocate our family, then we wouldn’t have to worry about losing credits transferring to a new University. The faculty and staff at CMU embraced us as students from the day we enrolled and truly made it an atmosphere where we felt like family. After having attended a HUGE University for our Bachelor’s degrees, we wanted to attend a small enough University where we felt like we weren’t just a number.

CMU: What is it like being a husband-wife MBA student couple?

Michelle & Michael: It has been a great experience being enrolled as a married couple. The professors usually do a double take, but then they understand that being in the same class provides us additional motivation because we are friendly-competitive with one another. Our classmates have enjoyed giving us a hard time every now and then when one of us receives a higher grade, but everything is done with good spirits and made for more stimulating discussions in the classroom.

CMU: You are Hybrid MBA students. What has been your experience with the Hybrid MBA format? We heard you are using Skype too. Tell us about that.

Michelle & Michael: The hybrid format is what initially attracted us to CMU over other Universities in the area. Both of us wanted an environment that would give us the best education and the hybrid format has provided us an education with flexibility, but it has also provided a structured format with face-time with the professor and other students. The in-class discussions have been invaluable because they have provided interaction with students and professors of differing backgrounds.

The hybrid/online format has also been wonderful because it allowed Michelle to continue her education with the same classmates after delivering our first child. Instead of attending class in person, she has been allowed to Skype in so that she can hear and participate in lectures rather than switching to an exclusively online format.

The professors have also been very understanding when it comes to work commitments. Every professor we have had completely understands that our work obligations were our first priority and been willing to work with us in regards to the required submissions for that course.

CMU: What has been the most important thing you have learned from your MBA?

Michelle & Michael: The most important thing we have learned from our MBA is how the same principles and theories can be relevant to a broad array of disciplines. The coursework prescribed covers more macro-type fundamentals that can be broken down and applied to individual sectors and unique jobs. A great thing about the smaller class size is that you get to hear from the other students about how the topic pertains to their industry, which then broadens the scope that each student is able to learn about.

CMU: How will your MBA help your civilian and military careers?

Michelle & Michael: Earning an MBA will allow both of us to progress further in our respective career paths. In Michael’s case, it will make him more competitive for future promotions. This is important because the Marine Corps is going through a reduction in personnel, and the advantage he gains by earning his MBA will help aid in promotion over his peers. In Michelle’s case, it will allow her to qualify for higher-ranking positions within the DoD whenever we have to relocate due to a new set of orders from the military.

CMU: Would you recommend CMU to other military families?

Michelle & Michael: We would definitely recommend CMU to other military families. As we mentioned, the flexibility to switch to strictly online classes if you are relocated provides great peace of mind in a future where you have no control.

CMU: What are your plans for after graduation?

Michelle & Michael: After graduation we plan on continuing Michael’s career in the Marine Corps and Michelle is going to see what Federal jobs are available at our next duty station. Attaining an MBA will definitely open more doors for her to qualify for higher paying positions in the government sector.