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Business Administration Curriculum

MBA / International Business

Elda Mabusa, MBA, was thrilled to announce that thanks to the knowledge and experience gained through her studies at CMU, she has been hired as an International Relations Representative at Novi Industries Inc. Elda was quick to express her excitement about the CMU Hybrid MBA program, and how it has allowed her the opportunity to develop a career that she truly loves. "I am so pleased that I get to experience so many different cultures and see new faces on a daily basis. And with my field rapidly expanding, there are endless opportunities for growth within the company I work for."

--Elda Mabusa, M.B.A
International Relations Representative
Novi Industries Inc

The MBA Curriculum consists of 13 courses:
9 Required Core Classes, including the Business Strategy Capstone
4 Area of Emphasis Courses

International Business MBA students at California Miramar University choose 4 International Business courses from the following list:

  • MKT 6003 International Marketing
  • MGT 6601 International Business Management
  • ECO 6641 International Economics
  • FIN   6651 International Finance
  • BUS 6671 International Business Law


MKT 6003 International Marketing
Provides thorough coverage of international marketing, with a strong emphasis on the issues confronting companies that market across cultural boundaries. Also stresses the importance of the internet in global marketing when penetrating and exploring new markets. This courses uses real-life examples to illustrate salient issues that are continually discussed within and outside of the text.
(3 credit hours)

MGT 6601 International Business Management
Explores aspects of international and transnational business including exchange rates, cultural differences and political risks. Also discusses issues related to controlling and staffing enterprises that are physically remote from a business' primary location, and fashioning business relationships with those who have differing forms of conducting business.
(3 credit hours)

  ECO 6641 International Economics
This course examines trade and international economics, by considering comparative advantage and the factors of production. Explores how growth is influenced by trade, as well as how international trade affects the global welfare of people and events. Additional topics include: effects of labor (foreign and domestic), capital movements between regions, trade restrictions on environmental and political policies, and the key factors that influence relative costs between countries.
(3 credit hours

FIN 6651International Finance
Addresses international monetary systems, balance of payments, adjustment mechanisms, international interdependence, and the relationship between domestic monetary and exchange rate policies. This course also presents arbitrage and arbitrage like transactions playing a key role in financial contracts, as well as the finance methodologies of multinational corporations, foreign exchange and banker’s acceptances.
(3 credit hours)

BUS 6671 International Business Law
This course examines laws regulating international activities including managerial issues, trade, licensing and investment from an international managerial perspective. Students will study the function and importance of public international law, as well as the role of public and private international organizations in setting guidelines for international business. Additional topics include: review of the legal aspects of establishing an overseas operation, joint venturing abroad, using a foreign distributor and exporting technology.
(3 credit hours)

Program Application Fee No of Courses Tuition per Course Total Program Tuition

MBA International Business

Kshs 3,000/= 13 Kshs 28,000/= Kshs 364,000