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After graduating with an MBA from California Miramar University, Annette Gregg has gone onto become the Sr. Director of Global Marketing and Communications for Project Concern International. This new position brings immense responsibility leading marketing and communications for a global non-profit with 600 employees and $50M annual budget.

"After completing my MBA at California Miramar University, I was better prepared for my new position managing global marketing and communications for an organization operating in 16 countries. I am tasked with bringing enterprise-wide solutions to our growing company, and raising global awareness of our live-saving programs."

--Annette Gregg, M.B.A.
Sr. Director of Marketing and Communications,
Project Concern International


"Market Research" video lecture from MKT 6120: Marketing Management


MBA / Marketing

The MBA Curriculum consists of 13 courses:
9 Required Core Classes, including the Business Strategy Capstone
4 Area of Emphasis Courses

MBA Marketing students at California Miramar University choose 4 Marketing courses from the following list:

  • MKT 6001 Consumer Behavior and Decision Models
  • MKT 6002 Product Management Strategy
  • MKT 6003 International Marketing
  • MKT 6004 Pricing Strategy
  • MKT 6005 Internet Marketing/Bridge Gap Marketing
  • MKT 6006 Strategic Brand Management
  • MKT 6007 Service Marketing


MKT 6001 Consumer Behavior and Decision Models
Describes how socio-psychological factors influence the decision-making process of consumers. Students will study and compare various consumer behaviors and the major decision models used in developing social marketing communications and interventions.
(3 credit hours)

MKT 6002Product Management Strategy
Focuses on the development and introduction of new products, concept testing, product-life cycle, portfolio analysis, targeting and positioning, branding issues, product-line extension, pricing policies and the management of existing products. Topics also include product positioning, screening, concept development, test marketing, and branding strategies.
(3 credit hours)

MKT 6003International Marketing
Provides thorough coverage of international marketing, with a strong emphasis on the issues confronting companies that market across cultural boundaries. Also stresses the importance of the internet in global marketing when penetrating and exploring new markets. This courses uses real-life examples to illustrate salient issues that are continually discussed within and outside of the text.
(3 credit hours)

MKT 6004Pricing Strategy
Introduces analytic and conceptual tools for formulating pricing strategy through spreadsheet analysis. Topics include: perceived value and discrimination pricing, bundling, product-line and life-cycle pricing, pricing through the marketing channel, and competitive and behavioral approaches to pricing.
(3 credit hours)

MKT 6005Internet Marketing/BridgeGap Marketing
Integrates internet marketing activities into overall organizational marketing strategies. Topics include: market opportunity and environmental assessment, web presence and value propositions, issues concerning marketing mix design, and developing unique internet marketing strategy.
(3 credit hours)

MKT 6006Strategic Brand Management
This course focuses on the analysis of marketing strategies for consumer products and services. Topics include: consumer satisfaction and brand management, product line, pricing strategies, channel and retail relationships, and marketing communication strategies for consumer goods and services.
(3 credit hours)

MKT 6007Service Marketing
Explores the nature of service organizations and principles that guide the marketing of their products. Topics include: customer expectation of service, opinion of the service, customer relationship management, the design and execution of the service delivery process, the development and implementation of employee customer service skills, and the role of emerging technology in customer service.
(3 credit hours)

Program Application Fee No of Courses Tuition per Course Total Program Tuition


Kshs 3,000/= 13 Kshs 28,000/= Kshs 364,000