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MBA in Technology Management Profile Summary
CMU Graduate, Aaron Sheinbein, MBA

Mr. Sheinbein has a background of over 15 years with Internet development and web management. Passionate about both web analytics and user experience, he is a champion of website testing for driving increased conversions. In his current role at a leading Internet security software company, he is a key participant in the management and growth of a multi-million dollar e-commerce web store for North America, and involved in global websites DevOps serving tens of millions pageviews annually.

Both solution and detail-oriented, he maintains a proven ability to interface cross-department with executive leadership in Marketing, Sales, Customer Care, and Business Systems. Mr. Sheinbein thrives on using web technologies to improve operations, create efficiency, drive customer satisfaction, and uncover revenue opportunities in e-commerce environments.

--Aaron Sheinbein, MBA

The MBA Curriculum consists of 13 courses:
9 Required Core Classes, including the Business Strategy Capstone
4 Area of Emphasis Courses

Technology Management MBA students at California Miramar University choose 4 Technology Management Course from the following list:

  • TEC 6951 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
  • MIS   6961 IT Project Management
  • TEC 6971 Commercialization of Research and Development
  • MGT 6981 New Product Management
  • MIS   6991 Internet Technology and Strategy


MGT 6951 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
Focuses on the organization and management of innovation in the workplace. Topics include: types and patterns of innovation, collaboration strategies, formulating technological innovation strategy, and defining and implementing the organization’s strategic direction. This course will teach students to appreciate the importance of personal creativity and social interaction for the development and implementation of new ideas, services, products and processes.
(3 credit hours)

MIS 6961IT Project Management
Covers the fundamental project management principles for managing the software development life-cycle and process models. Topics include: process metrics, software project planning, monitoring and scheduling mechanisms, budget estimates, risk assessment, and motivation and team building.
(3 credit hours)

TEC 6971Commercialization of Research and Development
Presents an overview of the relationship between research and development opportunities, university and industry research, and research commercialization and management. This course will offer a variety of perspectives to present an overall understanding of the dynamics of organizations, including for-profit, non-profit and public organizations that are in the field of research and development. Additional topics include: the changing role of public policies at the federal, state and local levels, improving organizational processes for product innovation, the diffusion of new technology and organizational practices, the commercialization of university and federal laboratory research, and improving on the environmental impacts of industrial technologies.
(3 credit hours)

MGT 6981New Product Management
Defines "products" in their most general sense and focuses on the important elements of service associated with them. This course is instructed in the perspective of the senior-level general manager with primary responsibility for managing this process. Also examines the management tasks of executives at middle functional levels, as well as the and overall general management of new product development.
(3 credit hours)

MIS 6991Internet Technology and Strategy
This course analyzes the components and strategies involved in using the internet as a tool for generating revenue and competitive advantage. Explores the basic components of an internet site and moves onto a discussion of business models and value configurations. The course closes with a discussion of applied concepts and tools designed to support the needs of an internet-based startup.
(3 credit hours)

Program Application Fee No of Courses Tuition per Course Total Program Tuition

MBA in Technology Management

Kshs 3,000/= 13 Kshs 28,000/= Kshs 364,000