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About California Miramar University


ACICS 2015 Campus Accountability Report

This is the data reported to ACICS by the institution in its most recent Campus Accountability Report:

"California Miramar University, Nairobi, Kenya (00149159) As of 5/19/2016."

Campus Information:

Beginning Population: 47
Ending Population: 35
Non-Program Enrollment: 0 *This number is not included in the ending population.

Campus Level Standards:

Retention: 89%
Placement: 50%

Program Level Standards:

Program Name Retention Placement Licensure
Business Administration Doctoral Degree) 88% N/A Not Applicable
Business Administration (Master’s Degree) 50% 100% Not Applicable
Business Administration and Management (Bachelor’s Degree) 80% 0% Not Applicable
Business Administration (Academic Associate’s Degree) 96% N/A Not Applicable
Strategic Leadership (Master’s Degree) 100% 100% Not Applicable
Telecommunications (Master’s Degree) 75% 50% Not Applicable