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It is a good place to learn
This university doesn't have the reputation of Harvard, Stanford of even San Diego State, but it is a good place to learn. They have a committed teachers that really take the time to read your papers and tell you what they think. My teachers are caring and super knowledgeable. So far they have all had great real world experience and can draw examples from their current or previous work making it easier to comprehend. The course work is intensive, but it won't overload you if you are working full time as well. You do have to make time to study and do your assignments, but it is very manageable. I have a very busy schedule as an commercial insurance professional, but I am able to complete all assignments. One of the things I like the most is the small classroom size and that it is only 1 day per week. It is an accelerated program where you get your MBA in a year and a half. 6 weeks per class keeps things moving quickly.It is also really easy to get to as it is right off the 15 freeway and miramar.If you want to get an MBA without quiting your job, this is a good place to do it. Website is
Yea Calmu by Joe - Oct 12, 2009
This is an excellent school. The teachers and students are there for all the right reasons, to teach and learn. Comparing the prices from other grad programs, they are much less expensive (about $10000 less/degree). It is still a small school, so you get a lot of personal attention as well. The teachers are excellent and all of them have a lot of real world experience. For example, our current teacher for managerial accounting was CFO/COO for Tony Robbins Companies and acting CFO for Jerome's Furniture. The classes are fast paced and you can get a graduate degree in a year and a half. Also, they don't require GRE to be eligable. The only reason they didn't get four stars is that it is a newer school and they don't have the name recognition of some other degree programs yet. If you are trying to choose between CalMu and other schools like DeVry, Alliant, or (put in name of school from cheesy commercial here), I would definitely choose CalMu.

CMU has made me feel at home the entire time I have been pursuing my MBA and have assisted me with every question and request quickly and in the most professional matter.
By John - Aug 13, 2012

Having received my undergraduate degree over 25 years ago, I was hesitant about returning to school. However, CMU has made me feel at home the entire time I have been pursuing my MBA and have assisted me with every question and request quickly and in the most professional matter. The professors are well educated, imparting years of experience during class. The whole classroom environment is top of the line, from fellow students to the staff. I have pursued other MBAs from local San Diego universities but quit after a few weeks realizing the other universities are paper mill degree factory's and could care less about the student. CMU on the other hand is the complete opposite; they care about you and work with you to attain your goals. I can't reiterate the professionalism throughout the university enough. I have enjoyed CMU so much and respect the academic environment provided that I have enrolled in their Masters of Science Program. Additionally, CMU is extremely supportive of the military and tuition programs associated to include the VA.